Report Bullying and Safety Concerns

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Students, parents and community members:
Help us stay safe.  Report Bullying anonymously.

Please use CatapultEMS to anonymously report students being bullied, if students feel unsafe at school, know of a student fight that may occur or did occur, see acts of violence or know of something going on that shouldn't be at school.  Please include as much detail as possible in a report as this will help administration address the issue.  We want WIS to be safe and welcoming for all students.
Visit CatapultEMS to make a report.

Thank you for making WIS a great place to be!


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​Cyberbullying happens when kids bully each other through electronic technology.  Find out why cyberbullying is different from traditional bullying, what you can do to prevent it, and how you can report it when it happens.
Cyberbullying resources: