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Note From the District School Nurse 

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Dear Parents

AB354 requires that all students in grades 7-12 have a whooping cough shot (Tdap) booster before they start school.  They must have had this shot on or after their 7th birthday.  Please bring or mail your child's immunization record showing that the new whooping cough requirement has been met. 

If you have any questions please call Celeste Baker the district school nurse or Raina Arnold the health aide @ 934-6640 ext 3005.

Medication at School: 
An Authorization form is available on this website or in the health office if your student needs to take medication, requires an EpiPen or will need an inhaler at school.  Please bring the form, signed by the doctor and by you, to the Nurse's office.  NOTE:  Students are not allowed to carry any medication in their backpacks (Inhalers excepted).